Once again, as evidenced by the tragic events of this week, we are witness to the impact ofsocial media and how it has changed the way we are informed and inform.Not in any positive way, this week sure has been a news junkie's buffet.

Like many of my readers, I spent most of any available time I had throughout the week glued to the news feeds on social media, on major news websites and watching national news on TV when I could.

Even last night at NEPA BlogFest, I couldn't pull away and found myself at the bar, riveted to the capture ofDzhokar Tsarnaev along with Michelle, Justin, Rich and Harold. When the thunderstorm and rain knocked out the satellite signal for a while on the Roonie's Pub TV, Michelle and I resorted to the Internet on mobile devices.

Even though I think Justin was mostly tweeting about the dangers of radical feminism, Harold reminiscingabout his run in with PZ,and Rich just enjoying his beer - to be fair, they were also multi-tasking watching the news.

I do not live near the locations of this week's horrific tragedies in Boston, Cambridge and Watertown, MA, and West, Texas - Or I would surely look to volunteer to help out in some way. However, I wish my condolences, expressions of sympathy and support to reach the victims and their loved ones.

I decided the best way I could help was via donations to the funds atThe One Fund Boston andPoint West Bank Victims of the West Explosion Fund-in the name of my readers.


I hope that if you have the means you will join me in providing some measure of comfort and support to those negatively impacted by this week's events.


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