It's amazing that with over 1 billion websites to choose from you've landed here!

My life has been full of incredible adventure, with many personal and professional twists and turns along the way, from these great United States, to Latin America and Europe.

I have passion for the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial, for launching and championing startups, social entrepreneurship, community based education and civic engagement. My career has been a mix of for and not for profit. Some ventures have been my own successful entrepreneurial startups I developed and then left in the good hands of others to carry on. Other times it's been corporate intrapreneurial work (some Fortune 500). Over the past two decades, I have primarily focused on human capital management, talent acquisition, employer branding, corporate communications, operations, and community partnerships.

Good fortune has provided me with 4 truly amazing opportunities; founder of the first society for the welfare of animals in Mexico (Cozumel), co-founder of NEPA BlogCon,  co-founder of Squirrel Girls Tech Camp, and creator of a community college based transition to community employment program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and Autism.

Identifying problems and developing solutions motivate and inspire me. Among the ways I have been commonly described are change agent, innovation architect, creative solutions engineer, and inquisitive.

When I have been privileged to be invited to present at conferences or events, some of the topics have been work readiness, disability as diversity in the workplace, employer and self branding, social networking, social recruiting, and collaborative community based partnerships.

On a personal note, I'm an INTP who lives the ethos of doing all the good I can and doing no harm, through a plant powered life and compassion for all living beings. I read ancient history and devour foreign and domestic daily news and politics, savor coffee, cross-stitch Stoic quotes, try to get in 10,000 steps per day, and collect more recipes than I will ever cook. I am well-versed in the romance languages, and fluent in Spanish. I honestly can't ever recall feeling bored, not even for a minute.

Enjoy the musings!