From the the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, walking along beaches I have loved finding interesting little bits of sea glass. And just like a piece of sea glass, my sharp edges are persistently tumbled and ground to become more smoothed and rounded, while my slick surface continues to gain a frostiness over time.

I'm an INTP who lives the ethos of doing all the good I can and doing no harm, through a plant powered life and compassion to all living beings.

Not into poetry, huh?

It's amazing that with over 1 billion websites you've landed here!

Seriously, my life has been full of incredible adventure, with many personal and professional twists and turns. And one thing is for sure - I honestly can't ever recall feeling bored, even for a minute.

I have passion for the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial, for launching and championing startups, social entrepreneurship, community based education and civic engagement. Over the past decade and a half, I have primarily focused my activities in these areas on human capital management, workforce development and community engagement.

My career has been a mix of for profit and not for profit gigs. Some have been my own successful entrepreneurial startups I developed and then left in the good hands of others to carry on. Others have been intrapreneurial work for established (sometimes Fortune 500) organizations. In 2008, I made the decision to ditch suits and bureaucracy for good - and devote the rest of my working days to more grassroots community based efforts in the not for profit arena.

I couldn't have made a better choice.

Presently, I work in program development and marketing for a nonprofit in the human services sector that serves individuals with disability through advocacy, education and resources.

I'm also part of NEPA BlogCon, a not for profit blogging / social media / digital marketing conference - founded in 2012, held each fall in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and its benefactor, Squirrel Girls Tech Camp for girls grades 4-6. You’re invited to get involved, it will be good for your karma.

Most of all, I’m someone who loves to identify problems and develop systems to solve them. Among the many ways I have been described, the nicest are change agent, innovation architect, creative solutions engineer, and inquisitive.

When I am privileged to be invited to present at conferences or events, some of the topics I speak on are work readiness for individuals with disabilities, disability as diversity in the workplace, employer branding, social media, and collaborative community based partnerships.

Recently, I was a guest on the Why I Social Podcast.