Shoe on the other foot, I haven't conducted a job search since 2001.

That is, a personal job search. So, a few weeks ago I decided I would freshen up my own resume and post it. Let's just say I'm conducting research to see what's going on in the world of job boards. Job boards make it kind of a big deal free perk to job seekers that if they upload their resume they'll be discovered. You never know, right?

Listen to me job seekers... that's all hype. The only contacts I have received have been from sourcers and recruiters for life insurance companies.... and while I realize I have a lot of transferrable skills, it's pretty clear sourcers and recruiters from other companies are on social media, at campus recruitment events, and the phone with applicants and referrals.

Job boards are like washing machines that eats socks. Maybe great for job seekers searching, but not so great for job seekers who want to be discovered. Maybe job board companies are using uploaded resumes to mine data for their own purposes. Maybe their real purpose isn't to help you get a job.

Lesson to job seekers.

Don't post your resume on a job board and sit back in your deck lounger drinking Arnold Palmers expecting interview offers to come rolling in. You'll be disappointed.

P.S. Prove me wrong wizards.


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