The conversation might soon go something like this if Georgia State Legislators Senator John Albers ( R ) and Representative Jason Spencer ( R ) get their way:

"My name is Ima Unemployed and I was downsized from my job at the widget plant. I'm here to file an unemployment claim."

"Ms. Unemployed, You'll need to select which nonprofit you'll be volunteering with 24 hours per week before you can start to collect unemployment. The nonprofit will be reporting your hours."

"With reduced income I won't be able to afford day care for my children 24 hours a week and still maintain a roof over our heads, food in our tummies and pay for utilities and transportation costs. It will cost me money to volunteer that I don't have."

"That's none of my concern, these are the new rules if you want to collect unemployment compensation."

"I'm going to have to call welfare to see if I can get some help."

"You will need to pee in a cup for a drug test at your expense if you choose to go that route."

"A drug test? I don't use illegal drugs, is there some presumption that I do? What happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country?"

"I have no opinion on that Ms. Unemployed butSenator John Albers and Representative Jason Spencer are now in the business of running your life and you can either obey or be homeless and starve - the choice is yours."

Volunteer and pee or no food stamps and jobless benefits for you.


  1. While I myself recommend keeping resume content, skills and networks fresh by volunteering, I'm not for mandatory requirements - especially when it would place a burden on the recipient/family.
  2. The last thing we need from the party that espouses 'less government' is for it to start drug screening citizens.
  3. Go ahead... give me your point of view.


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