Monday, October 17th at 7:00P.M., I'll be on the air at 97bht radio with Ralphie Aversa,andMike Trim from WBRE TV. Ralphie's show isn't talk radio but he is a Gen Y guy who loves his social media. We're connected on Facebook and Twitterand like me, he's hooked up by IV (intensive virtuality) and has a gazillion accounts in other places.

Anyway, last Wednesday, on the ride home from an ever so richly rewarding day at the Bat Cave, Ralphie was on the air commenting on recent stories in the news regarding companies banning the use of social media in the workplace. It was good... but it reminded me of biblical stories of the plague that killed first born sons.

Because that is how important being connected is for so many people. I can see the day when we're all chewing Socialmediadone whileat workto killthe cravingfor 8 hours because the addiction has become too strong to resist....

@Shoefeen would be a great candidate for Clinical Trials

[caption id="attachment_199" align="alignleft" width="463" caption="Where is the nearest Socialmediadone clinic? "]Where is the nearest Socialmediadone clinic? [/caption]

I hope it passes and gets over the counter approval so I can contribute to humanity and leave a legacy in the same capacity as my long gone but not ever to be forgotten relative Marie Curie. Um, do you think Pfizer or Merck would pick it up and I could get rich and lay in bed with a laptop and Blackberry the rest of my life tweeting, facebooking, linking and blogging???

I did not facebook him while I was driving! Why do you think like that? I chewed my lip for the other 3 minutes until I got home and then Isent him a message (yes before I went potty... you're so nosy sometimes) letting him know Iunderstand how scarythis threat of withdrawal is and asking if he wanted to have a conversation about it from an HR and employer perspective.

He did... he facebooked me back (you know as well as I do that facebook is a noun as well as a verb) and asked if I could come over to chat with him and Mike on Monday night about it.

It might be too late for @Shoefeen, and she's not in the right DMA anyway, but Iam excited at the prospect of making an impacton#NEPA SM addicts so they don't make the same mistake.

Warning: Do not try to be slick and steal mycreative terminology. I grant you permission touse it but I demand credit for the stuffI invent, google,and if it doesn't existthrow on a .


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