spy womanMost companies I deal with haven't been doing much hiring lately. In fact, there's been a hiring drought around here.So, this week when I took 4 inquiries for assistance with recruiting and leads you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I love new beginnings and unless this was just a blip in the cosmic vortexI am hopeful for renewed karmic equilibrium of the unemployment rate.

These callers wereanHR manager, a seasoned independent Recruiter, and 2small business owners. With the exception of the seasoned Recruiter who in all fairness was doing his job turning over rockslooking for referrals, the comments were all very similar in nature.

It's been so long since we have hired the resumes we have on hand are no good and the newspaper ad isn't working. I can't find the talent I need, can you help me?

I'm presenting on this very topic at THE Conference on October 6th here in Nepaland but the troops are needed now. So, I began each conversationasking for basic informationand asked to be emailed job specs. Then I went down the path of breadcrumbs like Gretel did.

Do you have an employee referral program? No.

Did you ask the applicants you had on hand for referrals? No.

Have you tried non-traditional means of recruiting? What does that mean?

The one hour conference gig isn't going to cut it. I was planning on a series of job seeker seminars to teach them how to use social media to aid in their job search but I see I have to get more involved with those responsible for hiring them first...

Are your IRL colleagues taking advantage of new recruiting techniques and practices or are they still hanging on to the tried and true and missing out on where many of today's jobseekers are hanging out?


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