I sat at my desk listening to the New Age channel on Slacker Radio, winding up the day at 6pm - delighted at the humongous economic development announcement at work today and the FACT that we'll be conducting the first mass mobile registration in the area on September 22 at Downtown Collegetown Party on the Square via Job Rooster (more to come on JR very soon!). I worked on some details for the Greatest College Internship Program on Earth hatched in concept last October and was psyched about what's on the horizon for NEPA POWER! and how well Job Magic is working to get the word out about area opportunity via social media (sorry - more on that later too!).

Those are just some of the things I am ber excited about and can't wait to share with you. It was another very good day - the kind I typically have.

Then there was this...

Before I powered down the portal to the world I clicked on the news. Look closely at the screen shot in this post and you'll see what I saw at that moment. No amount of Karunesh quiets the ugly voices of escalated hatred and intolerance that become louder and louder each day - in print, radio, TV, electronic media and organized gatherings by our own brand of home grown extremists who con us into Genovese syndrome and jumping off virtual bridges because everyone else is doing it. Propping up their popularity through promoting fear in society they delight in fanning the flames.

The difficult times of the past nine years and resulting trauma to our national psyche have put us in a position of fear and defensiveness. It's not an intelligent stance and it's not becoming to us as a nation and a people. We are better than this. We are more innovative than this. We love life more than to allow ourselves to be dominated by this.

I'm calling for all rational thinkers to stand up and speak up, to help others understand that following celebrity cult politicians and preachers who are extreme or fundamentalist in their views are a danger to our freedom and liberty - for they have little or no tolerance for those who think, act and look differently than they do. I am heartbroken to see us losing ground in diversity and acceptance of others and gaining proficiency in divisiveness and hate.

Life is too short to live in hate.


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