I run a social networking community for customer service peeps freaks in northeastern PA (between connecting talent and opportunity) and so I'm always on the lookout for great content. You see, for as social as one would think customer service freaks should be, apparently they're not that way in my neck of the woods. I'm having a difficult time engaging them.

To be honest I have a hard time understanding why (so if you have some great ideas I'm all ears). I worked as a customer service manager, a sales manager --> had to be HIGHLY engaging (it was timeshare), owned successful businesses where I had to engage customers, I have engaged tons of candidates as a recruiter and as an HR wear many hats person, engagement and retention is always on that evaluation... I just don't get it.

I will have to say - for the most part they aren't into technology, even though the majority of the group work for tech based companies. Go figure right? I thought they would love to share best practices, ask and answer questions, chat, blog, yada, yada. Wrong O. Anyway, I'm not all that upset because my real goal is to provide more exposure to using new media to engage internal and external customers. I think maybe other comparable MSA's like Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle, PA, Baton Rouge, LA and Toledo, OH - not exactly places known for being on the forefront of technology, are probably in similar situations.

That's why we created a customer service consortium in the first place. We need it. We would like to be known for customer service so we took a stab at creating an organization to promote it locally.

So anyway, I found this video I am in love with. It is the embodiment of my feelings on engagement of internal and external customers. I see prospective employees as external customers and current employees as internal customers.

Don't you?

If companies took the philosophy of this video and made HR and managers, C-Level suits and board members watch it I think we could change the world.

Do you agree???

P.S. I mean "freaks" with much love =) as in freakishly passionate about what they do.


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