I belong to a geographic networking group on LinkedIn. Over the past couple of years the group has grown to just under 1,900 members. Many of us know one another off line as well as on because we live at the foothills of the Pocono mountains in a valley like Noah's ark, split down the middle like a watermelon by the mighty Susquehanna. The group takes it off line each quarter for a real live networking function and last night's meet-up brought 103 NEPA Networkers out into the rain and Interstate construction for bruschetta, open bar and conversation.

One of the recurrent conversations that perked my ears was that even though the group is still relatively small, it is the largest in northeastern PA, and with such growth it isn't as easy to know who's a member anymore. As with every group, there are a handful of members who are very active, more who areoccasionalcontributors, and a whole lot who are followers, lurkers - whatever you want to call them.

I offered to write some instructional posts to help people understand how to get the most out of the group experience. Today's post is a shorty (happy Friday!!) explained almost entirely by a pictographic.

1) Click on the members tab

2) Search whatever type of individual you are looking for by keyword. Some ideas are searching by profession, city, company, skill or competency, alma mater, foreign or computer programming language, etc. Or, maybe you want to know how many members are named Bob. Whatever the case may be, the results are sure to be interesting.

3) Voil - Sit back and scroll through the results!


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