This is slightly off topic for me, maybe, kind of, not really, I'm not so sure, whatever...

Some lovely people who run a small consulting company in the specialty HR space have a website. It's a static website much like a non-electronic billboard. They use LinkedIn as individuals and selectively contact people they think might be interested in their product. I ended up being connected to the four of them. Now I get the same LinkedIn message from all of them.

And so, because I like to see people succeed, I took it upon myself to dole out some very basic unsolicited advice during lunch today while I snacked on Wilkes-Barre Farmer's Market food. And then I thought hey, why not get more bang for my buck and share it with others to help them too?

Hi - Just a note to let you know that I receive these messages each time you have a presentation, from each of you. If I do, then I'm guessing all the people you are connected with do as well. If others are like me (not exactly sure how probable that is) then they might become irritated at receiving the same email from multiple people about the same thing.

Here are a few marketing tips I hope you will find useful:
  • Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Group and let your contacts know about them - they can follow your company and join your group if they are interested. Post something daily about the topic to engage people. Each of you need to be active in the group to dialog, comment and post.
  • Create a, no frills and probably all you need solution) or free (more complicated but more functionality) account, each of you load in your contacts in and send emails that allow people to unsubscribe if they wish. Duplicate email addresses will be cleaned up as well as those no longer valid. You will also get a 'subscribe' link you can put on your website and LinkedIn group to let people know to visit to sign up for your enews. I use Mailchimp andhere is an example of a recent newsletterI do for a local nonprofit I volunteer with to give you an idea.
  • Take advantage of the news portion of your website to blog aboutrelevant topics. Coincidentally I blogged abouthow to use a blog to attract readershere this week.
I hope you've taken this advice in the spirit it is intended. I normally charge an arm and a leg for it =)


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