Even though northeasternPennsylvania(or NEPA and #NEPA570) is an area best known for coal cracking and The Office, it is also home to budding tech basedstartupsand businesses owned by companies like e-Bay and Web.com. With that comes a small (but growing) contingent of tech savvy superstars.The other 3/4 of the NEPA BlogCon team - we are affectionately known as the Fearsome Foursome, are examples of that contingent - extremely talented, community minded change agents. My heartfelt appreciation and love goes to Mandy Boyle, Michelle Davies and Leslie Stewart(in alphabetical order because there is no other fair way to do it), they are hardcore visionaries and masterful implementressess - and a lot of fun to work with.

We batted around the idea of password protecting the uploaded sessions, charging pay per view to those who couldn't attend, or giving the password just to those who attended the September 29, 2012 event. Then we went back to our core nonprofit reason for being - to help educate our little piece of the globe to become more digitallycompetitive, and we decided the right thing to do was just to post the 13 taped sessions without anyhoola hoops to jump through.

We are giving the fruits of our combined labor to you and the world to enjoy. We don't ask for your email address orask for you to subscribe to anything.As Michelle says, "grab some popcorn, a comfy chair and a notebook and get prepared to learn!"

Enjoy, learn and share here.

P.S. The local and skyped in presenters were generous with their time and talent, as were all the volunteers and sponsors. A particularly hefty shout out goes to sponsor Park Multimedia for the videography - XO


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