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Keeping Fit at Work

Feb 24, 2016 | 2

2080 is the number of hours in the average work year. 14 is the number of years I have been sitting the vast majority of the day on the job. Before that, I generally had jobs that required a much greater amount of moving around and physical activity. This means that over the past 14 years I...

A Corporate Culture Refreshingly Void of Negativity

Mar 08, 2015 | 2

It was Ernst Abbe's distinction as a 'social reformer' and and how that impacted SCHOTT culture that intrigued me. I did some digital digging and what I found was a culture of care and excellence at this German headquartered corporation.

It’s time to Talk About Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Nov 24, 2014 | 2

It is estimated that 1 in 88 individuals have an Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD), and approximately 200k teenagers with ASDs will reach working age in the next five years. It's time to expand the definition of 'fit' in the workplace.

You Don’t Need an HR Manager You Need a CEO

Oct 10, 2014 | 4

Let's be serious here, your HR Manager is not you Mr. / Ms. CEO. If you need someone to basically undo and then redo everything you have done, then consider giving the HR Manager your position and your salary.

The Next Challenge in Employment

Sep 28, 2014 | 2

This month I'm celebrating my 3rd year anniversary helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities learn about, enter and retain employment. So, I decided to throw my own little celebratory blog party right here by sharing my thoughts on the next challenge in employment. At the end is a call to action, let's see what you do with it!

Talent Talk Radio Show Interview

Apr 29, 2014 |  

I had the pleasure to be a guest on Talent Talk Radio, along with Steve Danley, the CHRO for Orange County, CA . If you didn't catch it live here is the podcast!

10 HR Reasons to be Invisible

Oct 20, 2013 | 2

My brain immediately went into HR STEM mode when I read about a debate on flight vs. invisibility. Imagine the possibilities at work, everything from being able to wear pajamas to not having to say 'hi' to the same people you pass in the hallways all day.

Playing with dolls at work

Oct 09, 2013 |  

They say one of the ways you can tell if someone is invested in their work is by checking out their office space. Are they moved in or ready to move on? In my case I have invested in an assortment of misfit toys that keep me on my toes and focused.

Employer Branding for Small to Mid-sized Companies

Aug 30, 2013 | 1

Here are some of my thoughts on what companies of any size can do to ensure talented opportunity seekers in the village, or the world, reveal themselves.

11 Tips for Military Transition to Civilian HR

Dec 02, 2012 | 2

Vivian is a 20 year U.S. Army HR Specialist transitioning back to civilian employment. Here are 11 tips and a crowdsourcing plea to help. Won't you join in?