And so will this website!

Nine years and 300+ posts ago, I never predicted html5 or mobile responsive design, or a few other trends this site has been slow to adopt, or hasn't adopted at all. Lack of vision? Well, no not exactly. Lack of resources and time? Well, yes. Excuse? Ummm kind of.

I'm done contemplating and now it's time to get to work.

Gold curtains? No, that's not how I roll. Understated, clean, and visually esthetic is more my style. Your mobile device will be happier and the content will be more varied. As my career and life have continued to take interesting twists and turns, will be a better reflection of me and what I'm up to. The HR / recruiting / job search tutorials of yore will belong in the past. The future will be more fresh and raw.

Blank Space

Until then...

Call your senators and congressmen daily to say no to fascism, yes to maintaining membership in United Nations, and yes to to public schools. Be encouraged to eat a more plant powered diet, use your talent to volunteer for a cause that tugs a your heart, and be disciplined but good to yourself and others.


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