Dear Karla:

I am still looking for a position in this area and having a very hard time getting any responses.

Here are some examples: I have sent my resume to XYZ Health several times, went to their jobs fair and had several interviews over last three years. No response. I have even followed up and still no response.

Same with ABC Insurance. No response.

I spoke with the HR contact at OMG and she told me there would be no openings and a day latter I get an email from Indeed that they have openings for inside sales reps. I send an email back to the company and again no response. On the company website they state that jobs of sales rep is good for recent college graduates.

UFO Foods: I sent my resume on line several times no response. I contact a Mr. Idunno, HR contact. He finally replied about two months latter and said my resume was not focus enough towards the job. I updated my resume and sent it again. No response. I sent him a follow up email again no response. The job is again posted on line.

I even had a company tell me that they have never heard of Dun & Bradstreet.

What is your opinion of assessment tests? I have yet to pass an assessment test. I am not the only one. I had friends applied and they all failed the assessment. What wrong with these companies.

What is going on with the HR Industry today? I was thinking about going to the media about this. I am also contacting government officials. to see what changes can be made to this industry. What is wrong with Northeastern PA.

What do think?
Thank you...

Frustrated Job Seeker

My answer to this job seeker:

I hear your long-term frustration. I am going to be very honest because you are asking for my opinion about what is going on. If I had contact with a lot of companies that are hiring and was continuously being turned down, I would have to look at my job search strategy, interpersonal skills, attitude and expectations.

For example, I would examine why I was thinking of going to the media and asking what's wrong with the HR industry (as if all HR people were conspiring against me).

People are getting jobs. Companies are hiring. If I were not being strongly considered then I would have no other option than to analyze:

Am I applying to jobs that match my experience? There are a lot of candidates out there, if someone is a better match in skills, experience and interview skills they'll get the job.

Is my resume getting the attention I feel it should? Maybe it needs to be redone by a professional.

Have I had an impartial critique of my phone and in person interview skills? Perhaps I'm selling myself short by doing or saying something to turn people off.

Candidates are generally spared excessive feedback - and most times it is company policy to simply say, "we have identified another candidate that more closely aligns with our requirements" or something similar. It's general and vague - but it lets the candidate know he or she is no longer being considered for the position and that's all the company needs to do. There is no requirement that each candidate be given feedback except to say "you didn't get the job" if asked, and it is only out of professional courtesy and best practices that candidates who are disqualified are informed of that decision at all.

My opinion of assessment tests is that one needs to pass them to be considered. A company can choose any legal means of judging a candidate's skills and fit as long as all candidates are provided the same process. Assessments are a common way. If I were an employer who chose to use assessments to screen candidates, and had many candidates apply, why would I choose someone who didn't pass when I have others who did?

Job seeker, there is nothing wrong with northeastern PA. Many of the HR professionals in the area didn't even attend college locally, but somewhere out of the area. I think that rather than looking at everyone else asking "what's wrong with them" I would take a personal asset inventory.

This might not be the answer I would wish to hear but it is an honest one. If you are interested in working with a coach there are a few in your area I could help you identify. You could also use the free services of PA CareerLink.


P.S. I am going to scrub your question so you are not identifiable and use it as a blog post because it is a good one.

Anyone in my HR / Recruiter network like to add anything?


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