I was intrigued when I saw the call via social media for area experts to talk about Intern and entry-level opportunities in their cities, regions and MSA's. I'm focused on creating The Greatest Internship on Earth in 2010 so how could I not want to promote the great place I live and work in and everything it has to offer?

Come Recommended Comes to Your City is a new podcast series produced by Heather Human, Founder & President of Come Recommended. Heather walks the talk too with a fine team of Interns and entry-level professionals who work on something near and dear to me, matching talent with opportunity.

During each episode, a member of the Come Recommended staff interviews a local expert about his or her city, addressing questions like:

  • Overall, what are three words you would use to describe the internship and entry-level job market in your city?
  • What would you say are the flagship industries of your city?
  • Can an entry-level professional or intern live comfortably in your city based on their industrys average salary?
  • What networking opportunities are available in your city?

It was my pleasure to answer these and other questions today when Come Recommended Comes to Your City came to northeastern PA.

Thanks Heather & Team!


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