I'm an open minded hip 2011 kind of HR practitioner but I am dismayed that an organization that touts itself as the place for leaders to find their next opportunity has made a commercial advertisement not dissimilar to the "sketchy comedy" video that recently rocked the Navy and violates every employee handbook ever written by putting cheap jokes before decorum and dignity.

In the job search, you gotta show employers what you got. - TheLadders

If sexual innuendos salty with partial nudity, inappropriate touching of oneself and others in the workplace and potentially hazardous behavior by climbing on furniture and dancing on desks make oneself more attractive to employers is the message TheLadders purports to convey - they have succeeded.

If TheLadders made this commercial using the same psychological ploy a child does to commit inappropriate acts to gain attention - because any attention is attention, they have succeeded.

I can't support propaganda that goes against the very principles of professionalism and dignity that are the cornerstone of my career. I got where I am because of my professional competencies and verifiable accomplishments - not because I laid on a boardroom table with a skirt on lifting my leg in the air while caressing myself.

If TheLadders thinks this is cool hip and fun then call me a prude - but as soon as I hit the publish button on this post I'm canceling my subscription, because I no longer have respect for their on the job behavior...


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