cardsWho doesn't love fun at work to keep the juice flowing? I'm results oriented so I always say, as long as the job gets done there isn't any reason we can't have appropriate fun. But,I can think of a naughty list of frowny, cranky, miserly, stodgy, managerial types, co-workers and reports throughout my career who absolutely do not have or enjoy fun on the job. This post is dedicated to them - or you, if the shoe fits...

During one of my brilliant 3:00 a.m. I'm going to take on another project moments, I had fleeting thoughts of creating workplace greeting cards. I just don't typically find that card stores stock ones with things I want to say to co-workers, bosses and reports. No worries, I was dreaming of creating a completely appropriate line - though my mind sometimes went to darker thoughts of things I might like to say on occasion.

Since I'm not a fan of the ready-made, In my quiet meditative creative moments I craft workplace greeting cards and keep them on my desk ready to send out. I enjoy interesting details. The one in the photo has a simple stamped and hand colored bunting with 'thanks' embroidered by my little hands, which I like to think adds textural appeal. I sit and imagine someone running their finger over the word, feeling the thanks. I kid you not, I roll like that.

Most of them are blank inside to ensure plenty of room for recognition - or whatever I have on my mind. I stamp them on the back with a barcode stamp that says "priceless", just to make the receiver feel a tad bit extra giddy and special. Again, I am imagining they feel that way at least.

Fast forward to today

I had such an amusing belly laugh when I read someecardsThe 35 things you wished you'd said to coworkers in 2013 - It's every dark card I ever imagined and then some. It's as if aliens abducted me and implanted a vacuum in my brain to suck out all the good stuff. Here's a sample: - I feel like I practically know you because of your ear-splitting phone conversations

Have fun with your little fantasies scrolling through the rest, and have a Happy New Year!

P.S. I swear I won't be sending these to anyone personally, as much as I would like to. Which one is your favorite?


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