I respect L a lot, a grad of two Ivy League schools, senior level executive and very nice someone that I know personally. L thinks it's just great that I'm here doing what I do, that I know what everyone else is doing and likes to hear my "interesting" stories but has no plan to personally get involved.

L says there are only 4 people that are allowed to have the kind of instant access that social media provides and that would be the 3 kids and spouse however, it's via cell phone and text messages not Facebook or Twitter.

L says that there isn't a spare minute of time as it is to get everything done that needs to be accomplished professionally and personally and any intrusion in the already hectic daily schedule would just be intolerable. L routinely rejects LinkedIn and Facebook invitations to join, scared that doing so would mean giving up pieces a of a perfectly happy orchestrated and organized life.

L asked my opinion. I said why fix something that isn't broken. Everything isn't for everyone.

What do you think?


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