Our Senior Aid on loan from the Area Agency on Aging for the past several years decided to retire. She manned the front desk in the mornings. As the years went on and the organization embraced technology there was less for her to do. She didn't have a desire to learn to use a computer and no one had the heart to insist.

When I called the Agency to ask if they could set up some interviews with computer users with receptionist skills they said no. They didn't have any Silent Generation clients that fit that description. Whoa.... Could they send someone with an interest in learning? They would try.

If you trollop along with me virtually you know I cannot extol the virtues of Stephen the Workforce Development & HR Intern enough. He is a snapshot of today's college student with a very bright future ahead. He has a particular interest in training. Hummm.....

The Senior Aid now has an email address, checks calendars when she can't locate someone and has scheduled "practice" meetings on my calendar. Next lesson? To show her how to cancel them.

Comments from the Senior Aide include, "He has such patience and manners and he really knows how to explain things. I'm not afraid or nervous anymore. In fact, I'm excited to learn more".

They're proud of their accomplishments and each other.

I would love to hear other other examples of successful inter-generational learning, do you have one?


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