Companies look for three types of people: customers or clients, vendors, and internal solution providers - aka employees. Solution providers have a unique and key role in the process of getting the companys service or product to market effectively. A solution provider benefits from marketing her talent and abilities in the same capacity a vendor does.

Think of the marketing campaigns companies use for the brands you know and love to make them stick in your mind, for you to grow an affinity for and loyalty toward. Youwouldn'tthink of eating another type of cereal or wearing a different brand of athletic footwear, right? When that same thought process is adapted by a job seeker, unique key identifiers are established as a recognizable personal brand tied to you and you alone.

Your personal brand becomes marketable in the same realm and dimension as other services and products through a scaled and streamlined branded personal marketing campaign. What you offer and who you are become linked to your brand and your name - exactly what you should strive for in your job search. To think of it in algebraic terms, employers look for a specific type of individual (X) to fill a specific need. X = U.

Becoming known by friends, family, co-workers, peers, professors, social networking contacts and recruiters as X is what personal branding for the job search is all about. Have confidence in your talent and create, live and market your personal brand to make your professional dreams come true.



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