collageThis week was fly - it flew so fast it should only be Tuesday, not Saturday...

I handed out graduation invitations to the Transition to Community Employment (TRACE) program students of The Arc of Luzerne County Class of 2014 at Luzerne County Community College. These graduating students are well on their path to meaningful employment. Please join me in signing their group graduation card - your support and kudos would mean so much to them!

Speaking of The Arc of Luzerne County, they have a super cool project going that requires crowdsourced funding to make it happen. Vision of Our Future is a book of artwork created by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. the book will be printed and distributed to libraries and organizations as well as the artists. Check out the indiegogo campaign here and help to make it happen - cool perks are yours if you contribute.

This week was the quarterly NEPA Networkers meetup. It was like a regional mind meld. The conversations I participated in were stimulating: NEPA BlogCon, NEPA Hackathon, TecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition, URS Sheltered Workshops closing, Tim McLain's projects at Design a Dad, and Marty Wolff's Business Builders radio show - just to name a few. Anyone who says there's 'nothing going on in Northeastern PA ' just doesn't have a clue... #NEPA570 all the way.

I found a fascinating bit of reading candy.... you must check out what Spritz Inc. is doing for reading and while you're at it devour The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in record time, all in one shot.

This week I also made my 5th annual presentation on personal branding and LinkedIn for King's College Professional Development Seminar Series. Each year I do the presentation I poll students to see how many have a LinkedIn profile. Though I have yet to have a 100% audience, this year was 85%. It's getting better...

I managed to fit in attending the Spring 2014 Edition of NEPA Blogfest. This is an informal gathering of bloggers, candidates for office, elected officials and anyone interested in politics or blogging. I always go to network and support my NEPA BlogCon co-organizer and friend Michelle Davies.

Rounding out a great week, I participated in post #purposechat call with Imperative along with three really interesting people, @TonyLoyd, @mikelcal and @RachelHutchssn. Be sure to take the Imperative assessment to find out what your purpose DNA is and how to maximize purpose in your work. Here is mine, I feel it's quite accurate:

Imperative My Purpose Pattern is Society Harmony Structure driven

I want to know what was cool about your week in the comments below!

P.S. If you see funky characters in this post I can't figure out where they are coming from, they are not visible in the visual or text editor while I'm writing.. just pretend they aren't there and tell me what the cause is if you know!


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