Over Facebook comments on my recent post on how to use a tag cloud to analyze your rsum, one of my local NEPA networking contacts, Victor Scelba shared his awesome career pictograph and then asked if I had seen Google Search Stories.

Considering that I have a Google Labs widget on my iGoogle intelligence dashboard, I thought I was much sharper than I apparently am - being a Special Agent and all. Apparently not - there's an obvious gap in intelligence data.

In any event, I had to check it out. Google Search Stories allows users to make a video clip of a search, using web, images, blogs, maps, books,news and product search.

How I missed this in April I'll never figure out.

I have been consistent in tying many of life's facets into this blog on human capital & new media, to include food, celebrities, Spock, aircraft and human dominoes - by golly I was going to find a way to incorporate Search Stories.

And then...... The light bulb went off. What if job seekers could use Search Stories to create an attractive clip that would visually depict their :30sec elevator pitch?

I couldn't find other examples of Search Stories used for this purpose so I decided to be a crash test dummy and try it out on myself.

I'll have to say I'm rather pleased with the results. Complimented by my Tag Rsum, this shows the skills I have not in a vanilla but rather a Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors kind of way - quite the additions to a digital portfolio.

Obviously, someone with little online presence would be challenged to tell their Search Story using their own work, as I did. However, it could certainly still be done with creative searches.

What's your Search Story?

I couldn't find other examples of Search Stories used for this purpose but


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