If you are a Bilderberg, New World Order and/or Illuminati (and/or any other) conspiracy theorist, you've likely somehow worked your brain cells into a kumbaya of delirium over why new job creation has stalled in part. You have been blaming Obama, Freemasons, Illuminati, Bilderberg attendees or the Pope, haven't you?

Sorry amigo, keep chasing the lost covenant of the ark.

It's economic and technological evolution on an Olympic slalom at lightening speed and our lust for automation, cost savings and low, low overhead. No sick days, no retirement plan and no employee relations issues and NO UNION - all for $3.40 cents per hour. That's right, a $22,000 robot that can do assembly line work for three years and then is simply refurbished or recycled - and replaced.

So, while labor jobs and high end jobs that require thinking and decision making that can't be automated are being created in fairly strong numbers, we are losing many of the middle sector jobs as they are replaced by polite robots with a smiley face that don't complain, get ill, take time off, need any kind of benefits at all, or go on strike. All that for the wages of a Chinese human on the assembly line or in the warehouse.

Indeed it is the $64,000 question - What are we going to do about it?



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