This nation has many holidays and ceremonies to thank and remember the patriots who stepped to the plate of service in defense of our principles and security, from the American Civil War through today.

Today is to pause and remember those whose lives were sacrificed in the line of duty, and those who remain missing.

The ceremony this morning at Arlington National Cemetery, with the General, Secretary and President, was incredibly moving. Their words perfectly crafted. The galant pageantry of the solemn remembrance tidy, clean, perfectly orchestrated, dignified, and beautiful. The camera cutaways to visits of families, friends and battle buddies, heart wrenching.

The families of the over 1 million who lay there, at cemeteries across the nation, and the world, shipped their children, parents, and siblings, off to unknown fate and painfully lost at the odds of one next hug. Families with pain no longer fresh, but ever present, of those who sacrificed their lives long ago. Gold Star families of the wars of the past 15 years whose loved ones had youth plucked from them on their greatest last day, giving all they had for all of us. Families of veterans of past wars and conflicts who made it home only to succumb to the cost later on.

Our nation's history is complex, the vast majority of time involved in global security issues, conflicts, or full blown war. The generals on TV every day talking about how it isn't likely to end in the foreseeable future.

Tears, heartache and pride, parades, pools and barbeques. Forever.


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