BalaclavaYou know how when the cat is on vacation the mice come out to play? That's what happened when Jim Stroud of the Recruiter's Lounge went on vacation and his weekly podcast co-host Karen Mattonen of HireCentrix invited Recruiter Joshua Letourneau, Attorney Steve Markin and me to discuss the often taboo and always hot subject of sex in the workplace.

The topic was spurred by the recent Letterman sex scandal but as we all know he wasn't the first and won't be the last to have his dirty laundry washed in public.

Karen says just don't do it. Josh says be a man about it, I say stop trying to mess with mother nature and adopt policies to deal with it and Steve is the voice of reason. Well come on now, he is an attorney.

My big takeaway was to never wear a ski mask to a job interview.

Listen to the podcast here and don't forget to come back and tell me what your opinion is on how sex in the workplace should be dealt with.


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