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Through its Americas Heroes at Work initiative, the Department of Labor aims to increase awareness of PTS/TBI (Post Traumatic Stress / Traumatic Brain Injury) employment issues among employers, the workforce development system, service branches, key military support systems, career centers and veterans service organizations like The American Legion. Another goal of the program is to create and raise awareness of resources that assist employers with accommodations for transitioning servicemembers and veterans with TBI or PTS.

The America's Heroes at Work website features:

  • Fact sheets and reference guides on PTS/TBI as they relate to employment;
  • Web-based training tools on making workplace accommodations for employees with PTS/TBI;
  • Promising practices for helping those with PTS/TBI succeed at work;
  • Veterans employment success stories; and
  • Links to additional PTS, TBI and veterans employment resources.
  • Common employer questions about returning servicemembers with TBI and/or PTS;

PTS or TBI isnt whats wrong with you, its what happened to you.

Carol Boyer, policy advisor for the Department of Labor's Workforce Systems Policy Team.

Take down walls of stigma and build self-esteem. Don't believe the hype. Hire a Veteran.

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Disclaimer: Yes, I am a dues paying member of the American Legion and believe in its work.


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