Do you trust surveys sponsored or funded by organizational psychology consulting firms to effectively measure and analyze employee satisfaction? Even anonymous surveys are viewed and completed with paranoia by many who are asked to take them. What if they track your IP address? Some people refuse to participate in such trickery.

Want to find out what the workplace culture really reflects? There's a better, more cost effective barometer. Check out someecards workplace cards. You'll find that people feel compelled to express job satisfaction sentiments on their own given the right tools. If you don't have this site locked down they are probably busy expressing their job satisfaction a good portion of the work day right from the office...

You'll be able to make some pretty snazzy slides for an impressive preso on employee job satisfaction that will blow the C Suite's toupeesoff. Refine your research by the attitudes of today, this week, this month or of all time. Search categories by tags or keywords and find out trends by sorting to Most Popular.

To give you a jump start on your talking points, here are some high level observations on workforce temperament from someecards:

People dislike their co-workers

Job dissatisfaction is rampant

They dislike their managers (there were several others that maybe Laurie Ruettimannwould put on her blog)

Work and the apocalypse are often compared

I have read plenty of savvy high cost studies by alphabet agencies that don't reveal anything different than someecards does for free - and it's way more fun.

Disclaimer: someecards doesn't even know I have blogged about them - this is an unsolicited endorsement just because I'm a big fan. But seriously.... the cards don't lie.


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