Granted, life's circumstances sometimes challenge us in ways we can't predict or have no control over - like unpreventable and unforeseen illness or accident, natural disaster or war, and we have little to no option when it comes to how we choose to meet our most basic needs. But under the circumstances we generally encounter, I say we owe it to our own quest for happiness in the short life we live to not only find the means to put a roof over our heads, food on the table and diapers on Junior - but to make it meaningful.

This morning, posted 'I have the best job in America!' Flipping through the 10 profiles of the professionals listed, what struck me the most is that their careers are not necessarily what one might consider sexy or exciting like Special Agent, Rocket Scientist, Sport's Car Test Driver or Angel Investor. They are normal people working normal jobs like you and me.

It's proof that even seemingly vanilla jobs like Database Administrator or Physical Therapist can rock people's professional lives when they have high self-awareness about, and there is positive alignment of, their aptitudes, soft and hard skills, personality and emotional intelligence quotient with their career choices.

It's what prompts people to say they have the best job in America.

Did miss out on including you in their 'I have the best job in America' story?

No worries, just post why you have the best job here!


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