Whether you're acoward cloaked in anonymity behind a thumbnaileyeball avatar and freaky aliasorgutsy and stupid enough to be forthcoming with whoyou are you need to wake up.Being a SMKB is a fast track tocareer and credibility suicide.

You 're aClass A whiner - about everything. No one wants to hear it. Life is tough enough, no one needs you to make theirs miserable.You're argumentative about the the sun being a planet and youbelittle and berate your boss/coworker/employer and blab it everywhere for the world to see. SMKB, you never have anything nice to say ever.

If you think life is horrible and unfair, you do nothing to improve yourself or advanceand everyone is an idiot but you, your issues are sizable, your ego off the charts, your potential less than promising and your future predictably bleak. I'm here to help with this wake up call. You can ignore it, or you can listen and save your immortal virtual soul.

I have news for you SMKB. Success only comes in one flavor - POSITIVE.

Your rantsreach eyes and ears in a way you must not be imagining and they will live on for your grandchildren to Google. If you aremaking the Recruiter's mousego into alert modefromyour displays of nastinessdon't expectan interview.

Take the case of Administrative Assistant, C.K. Dexter Haven. Six paragraphs, a few stand alone sentences and 7 bullets as to why the job sucks and is practically intolerable. The ball and chain gig is only worthy of being there for the benefits.

C.K., what is wrong with you? You don't see the writing on the wall, do you? And the majority of your readers who commented are the misery loves company type... toxic crew you have gathered there. If you stopped wallowing in the mire and looked up you might be able to see sunlight. You're going to end up staying there in that bottomless pit of a job you so detest because anyone that figures out you're not really Olive Oil or a Gnome is neva gonna touch you with a ten foot pole. You have condemned yourself to career suicide unless you snap out of it and redeem your evil ways.

What kind of future do you think Trina Thompson has? Three months out of college and whining she hasn't been placed in the worst recession since the Great Depression when seasoned experienced people are unemployed.

I have to ask, Trina, why are you special? You're abrand spanking new grad who put yourself out there in the public light talking smack and provingyou arelitigation happy. I don't foresee an interview inyour future, I see the candidate witness protection program and a major attitude adjustment or soda can recycling.

OK Trina, you weren'ttweeting about it but this falls into social media because that's where I learned about it. So, you became a SMKB by association. It counts.

What can the 2 of you do except tweet-up and cry on one another's shoulder? You can rejoice that your examples have taught a lesson to others, learn from your erred ways and pray.

P.S. I'm running to the Post Office (before they close it down) tomorrow morning at 8am to SMKB.... don't anyone dare!


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