I received an email from Pete Kazanjy, co-founder of a professional reputation and peer review website named Honestly.com, a kind of mix between LinkedIn, Yelp, and Wikipeda. He told me the company recently released an internally developed recruiting tool they use for themselves, for free, to the recruiting community and he wanted to know if I would be interested in using it.

I get a lot of these types of requests and I'm limited on time so I often think that's nice and move on, as much as I would love to have my hand constantly in the candy jar.. but Pete's email provoked chemistry.. I had to check it out.

The principle is simple yet genius, the add-on (Firefox only right now) allows you to highlight a name on a page and instantly find the person on multiple popular social media sites recruiters commonly use -->LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others.

This is what I have been missing...

No more copying and pasting URL's, searching sites and search engines for profiles. It also allows you to send a message to the person from the application which sneaks into the profile messaging system of the site you are on. In other words, it carries a set of extremely useful sourcing tools to each social media site with you.

Good bye LinkedIn paid InMails - You're the weakest link!

Yes - you can do these things manually, but now you don't have to so my recommendation is that you fire up this add-on, watch the video and continue doing what you do best, but now in a much more efficient and dare I say fun way! It took me only a few minutes to install, watch the video and get the hang of it - less than the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

I like it so much I stopped what I was doing to write this review. What are you waiting for?

Hey..... come back after you check it out, I want to hear your thoughts. Are you excited about this as I am?


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