Jobs are coming home. A cause for celebration, right? Well, before you get all misty eyed about it you should know there's more to the story...

Of course, the addition of more jobs in the 'be able to pay your mortgage' pipeline are great. But withan average of 3m open jobs already on the monthly DOL report that our workforce doesn't have the skills for, job seekers aren't willing to relocate for, or fill in the blank_______________, what would we do with even more job openings?

"Our nation faces the paradox of a crisis in unemployment at the same time that many companies cannot fill the jobs they have to offer." -Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel and executive vice president for legal and corporate affairs /

And now, to throw a wrench into the candidate pool. These re-shored jobs come with a huge bonus... Ready?

In addition to bringing jobs back companies planning re-shoring efforts are also bringing foreign workers that know how to do them back too.Shocking to you? To me, not so much.

Companies have grown recruitment savvy in the foreign lands in which they have been operating. They'll lobby to expand the H1B visa program, pay airfare, throw a Clevelandat each new hire to leave with mom to ease the separation anxiety, and fly in plane loads at bottom tier wages. It's a lot less expensive than trying to find skilled US workers or train newbies and then have to pay competitive wages and put up with the capricious demands of spoiled domestic stock for a casual dress code, a free coffee bar, an onsite gym and corporate sponsored affinity clubs - or gasp.... a labor union.

What I'm delicately trying to say is that unless legislation is proposed and passed to incentivize corporate America to hire US workers, most likely the jobs coming home won't be for you. I'm sorry.

But don't despair. I wouldn't leave you hanging like that on Valentine's Day, out on a limb with bad news...

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