This is a shorty.

Last week I watched Ann Romney nervously and awkwardly give ridiculous details about her husband, the Republican nominee for President. She provided no valid or unbiased reasons anyone - even Republicans, should vote for the man. What was she going to say, don't vote for my husband?

Tonight is the President's wife's turn. I'm going to predict she is going to be a much better speaker. She has an unfair advantage having had 4 years of experience but she isn't running for office and after all, what is she going to say, don't vote for my husband?

I just read an article on CNN about the history of wives at the conventions talking about how wonderful their men are. With plenty of hindsight we now know at least some of them weren't worth a hill of beans as fearless national leader - regardless of what a good husband, father or dancer they were.Presidential candidate wives didn't sign up for this when they married young attorneys.

We don't take our spouses to do presentations when we are looking to occupy a new office or get a promotion and good thing, we don't have the resources to have them professionally coached so they don't say something that couldjeopardize our opportunity- heck, most job candidates don't have coaching themselves though most could use it.

I feel sorry for these women. One of them is going to be very disappointed - or maybe relieved.

Update: No contest hands down Michelle Obama was the more compelling spouse.



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