I know I was transferred 6 times and more than half of them were needless and useless.

I know that numbing pain gradually crept up my left arm with each successive transfer.

I know I was sold the wrong service package.

I know I shut the boardroom door because I was starting to lose my cool and didn't want people walking by to think they should call the ambulance to bring a straight jacket.

I know in my frustration I resorted to Twitter and all of a sudden with one tweet my problems started to melt away.


My real problems are not technical in nature. Sure, there is either a driver or registry problem that needs to be taken care of, if not something more complex. Yes, I was upset there would be no walking the floor for me because I would be tied to the arrow key during my presentations this week. But, I understand broken, messed up, old and needs fixing. I have an abundance of patience for an inanimate object.

I too have tons of patience for people who need help and instruction. I can do that and not lose my composure. But it gets challenging when a mega colossal company who touts they "care" shows me (and come to find out after a little Google action a bunch of others) they don't.

So, the fact that 6 transfers later, 6 times giving my name, service tag, email address, phone and alternate phone numbers, 6 times having to re-explain (and in some cases re-explain) a wrong service contract purchase and 5.5 hours later --> NO RESOLUTION...

A tweet

It's called public humiliation, being taken to task, forced accountability...... It's a shame it had to resort to that but I did it because I felt I was at the end of my rope.

It works

What's missing in the Dell tag cloud from their blog on Customer Service & Technical Support is "customer service".

What's missing at Dell is an appropriate CRM system or the enabling of technicians and/or customer service representatives to access it.

What's missing at Dell is training on warm transfers - where the employee transfers your call and your information SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPEAT IT 6 TIMES...

What's missing at Dell are pre-employment assessments for listening skills and talking over the customer.

What's missing at Dell is acculturation and training of off shore teams on US customer expectations.

Personal note to Michael Dell:

Dear Michael, if you would like to talk about fixing the type of customer service complaints that are abundantly populated all over the Internet I would be happy to have that conversation. You see, the general consensus is that you make a great product - but the lack of customer service skills your off shore teams provide is a gaping opportunity for improvement. Let me help you fix that. ~Karla

P.S. My new family member is a black cat (haven't even seen him yet) that was abandoned & I couldn't be responsible for his euthanasia so instead I gave him a spa overnight at the vet clinic that included vaccinations and a little nip tuck =) Please support animal rescues so they can afford to offer low cost spay and neuter programs and by all means --> adopt from a shelter, do not buy from breeders and stores and spay and neuter your little furry loved ones. We'll have a pawty when he gets here and I'll post a pic or 2.


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