I'm sure you must know people who remind you of someone else - perhaps a sitcom or movie character, or someone you used to work with. It happens to me too, but I often think of people in terms of cartoon characters. So, I print them out and laminate them along with speech bubbles. I attach magnetic tape to their backs and they live on my filing cabinet.

They speak through the black Expo dry erase marker and say the most outlandish things. I had them clean it up for the pic in this post so it would be SFW. When they say nasty things they have to go to the back of the filing cabinet so no one coming in my office is offended.

People just think I play with dolls and have a vivid imagination, that I'm a quirky kind of adult. They don't know when they walk in that it's highly likely they are actually one of these loony toons (maybe they do now - Hi!).

In my office I also have a voodoo doll that helps me get things done, a magic wand, a stress ninja, lava lamp, money candle - if I were only allowed to light it I'm confident I would get a raise, colorful loomed potholders on the wall that one of the TRACE students made for me, and a silk ficus tree that I make seasonal ornaments for on the weekends when I have down time.

Why I am writing this post

I haven't overdone it - you know, move in oriental rugs, curtains, a garden, etc... I haven't 'moved in' enough to sleep or live here - although it's true, I have toiletries in a basket. But sure, it would require a few boxes and empty cargo space in the back of my Jeep to say adios. I'm not looking forward to that move.

Have you ever noticed cubicles or offices that just have the phone and a PC on the desk? Stark, cold - no investment. That's right - NO INVESTMENT from the occupant. It's an exit strategy, one day she's likely to simply never come back, and I'll bet a pretty penny she'll hardly be missed.



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