By the logic of some of the articles I read, I should appear on published lists of the most intelligent, top entrepreneurs, incredible leaders, most successful impressive individuals, and a slew of other 'Top this or that" lists. Articles abound about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dressing the same everyday, how intelligent people like Yuval Noah Harari meditate hours per day, and the top 10 things successful leaders do every morning. I hear myself chirping me too, me too, me too... like a little finch.

But they're all just clickbait, and we all want to find the key.

It takes me less than a minute to figure out what to wear and get dressed. But, I'm not on any of those lists (I assure you, I am not). I'm not complaining either. I just want to confirm that if you take any group of people you'll find incredible commonalities if you search for them. We all fit in more than one Venn diagram. That's the lesson. The lesson isn't that if I wear Palladium boots, Briggs pants and a Speculation pullover everyday a tech magnate will crawl out from within and possess me.


I don't know, maybe it hasn't happened because I don't wear the same color every day, I just buy every solid color in the same make of shoes, pants and tops. This includes my underwear. Why do I have 100 black hair ties? I really should throw the stretched out ones away.

Time is the most precious commodity. I want to spend mine on things more interesting than deciding what I'll wear.

It's convenient and I can't help but match.

P.S. I reuse my grocery list. I use Google Keep and check off items as I purchase them and uncheck them as I need them again.


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