Maybe you have a small to mid sized business that dabbles in social media but you know there is room for improvement in your social media marketing efforts because you are not seeing a return on the investment of your precious time. You would like to have a strategy but are unsure of how to create one. Maybe the website is static and you want to make it interactive with a blog. Or, you blog but you don't have many (or any) readers. Perhaps you would like to start a dynamic social community around your brand.

Have you gotten comments that you are spamming people and don't understand why?

Maybe you have you gotten solicitations from social media 'marketers' that want to sell you a package something like this for X amount of dollars and it's tempting but you know there must be a better way:

  • 2 tweets a day
  • 2 Facebook posts a day
  • 2 Google+ posts a day
  • 1 blog post a week

You knowa 'canned' approach just couldn't be right and that there is no way they could understand your products and services the way you do, and on top of it all, they want you to do the work by emailing them the content ahead of time for each week's posts so they can 'set and forget' them. You know it's important to not just blurt out at people, you have to be engaging, not just be a virtual megaphone - but you feel like you're at a disadvantage because social media management isn't your fort and you 'don't have time to learn'.

Maybe you are a freelancer or solopreneur doing it all on your own and recognize social relationships and warm leads would be fantastic, but you're unsure of how to get them and Twitter and Facebook aren't working for you. Or, you have plans to launch a buisness or activity and you want to do some pre-launch marketing to get some buzz going and start generating contacts and leads.

It could be you are creative, have things to share, want to learn how to improve your blog's content, design or marketing, to take it to the next level, or even monetize it for some additional mad money. Or, you are looking for a smart professional branding strategy that takes your resum and portfolio viral for maximum exposure as a savvy subject matter expert.

Perhaps you are aprofessionalsocial media strategist, techie or blogger and want to market your services, network with others you have things in common with, put a face to a name, get revved up and energized by an intensive, fun and productive day of interactive, engaging expert run sessions, enjoy the tasty Whiskey Bacon vittles, grab a cool loaded swag bag, win some raffle prizes and enjoy the camaraderie and after party.

Whatever your motivation - there are tons of great incentives to attendNEPA BlogCon, starting with the super reasonable price of $45 (and $25 for students with a valid ID), thanks to some very fine sponsors. And as a non-profit event, 100% of the proceeds benefit NEPA Veterans Multicare Alliance and The Arc of Luzerne County.It's a win for you, the sponsors and the community.

So reserve Saturday, September 29 and grab a ticket now.

Or, try to win an Official Press Pass!


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