The Background

For many months I contemplated this year's vacation. Most everywhere I want to go sadly seems to be under attack or has serious travel advisories, so I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for international adventure at the moment. It dawned on me the perfect time to declutter my mind was the week of July 4th - because it seems like almost no one else works that week. I decided I would staycation. With a staycation this year, there would  be no needing a vacation from my vacation.

The Circumstances

I wanted rest, relaxation, no agenda, no must see or must do. I wanted to vegetate on my couch, take pics of the cats, have have breakfast at lunchtime and dinner at midnight, take up a new hobby, not do business casual, not get out of my pajamas, binge watch news, and not work much.

The Results

As I reflect on that week last month that seems in my mind to have taken place so long ago (like in the 1800's) I have to review my phone for activity because I can't remember back that far...

2016-07-06 17.47.24 It's fulfilling to be able to check that new hobby right off the bucket list! And as a bonus, two centuries later - every drought resistant plant is still alive!

I might be exaggerating about it seeming like two centuries, but I lose track of time easily and keeping plants alive requires frequent watering. They aren't like cats that tell you when you forget. So, cacti and succulents seemed to be doable. I water the succulents on Sundays, the cacti every other week, and hope for the best. So far, so good.

2016-07-06 16.38.55 I took a photo of Chanel when she pirated the TV remote, my notebook, and my place on the couch - and hissed at me when I told her I would clip her nails if she didn't move. She stared me down and won.

Cat pics are a cinch!

This did interfere somewhat with my goal of vegetating on the couch, but we compromised and worked out shifts.

Batman hid from the lens as only he can do. Sometimes I could swear he is in the wrong movie, starring as Harry Potter wearing the cloak of invisibility.

I managed total disregard for the average American schedule, and kept my pledge to eat breakfast for lunch and dinner at midnight. I got a ton of relaxing done, binge watched news (it was an intense week for that), and mostly stayed in my pajamas (mmm, nope, no pics of that!).

I was also quite satisfied with myself that I managed to do minimal work, and it felt good.

The time? Well, it went by like a flash in the pan - but at least I didn't feel like I needed a vacation when it was over, like you do when you return from the French Riviera and have to get up the next day to go back to work.

At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Have you taken a staycation? What was it like, and would you do it again?


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