This morning as I watched a video of Jim Cantore, meteorologist with The Weather Channel, absolutely reveling in the kind of god awful frigid blizzardous weather I hibernate from in front of the fireplace - all I could think through my ear to ear grin was how this man seriously loves what he does. Cantore's Twitter bio says in part, "The journey is the reward." I believe he means it.

Watch the video, it doesn't look like he's working, it's like he's at a sporting event, cheering on his favorite team demolishing the opponent. In this video, Cantore provides the perfect visual of loving what you do.

Not everyone manages to match their skills, abilities, interests and preferences with an occupation, position and career they eat breathe like Jim Cantore. But it sure is a beautiful thing when it happens.

Now, here's my little happy dance.

Nineteen students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, of the The Arc of Luzerne County's Transition to Community Employment (TRACE) program, will graduate this year! They have launched a fundraiser to help give back to the nonprofit program, raise money for their graduation celebration, and practice their organizational, sales, customer service, money management and other skills. I'm asking you to support them through the purchase of some mighty fine Gertrude Hawk chocolate (and other treats) through February 28, 2015. Your order will be shipped to anywhere in the US. As you savor each bite you'll have a small taste of what it means to each of these motivated, industrious and courageous individuals to take this step in achieving their goals and dreams of greater independence through employment and full community participation. Thank you!!!!


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