I get my share of Klout Perks. I provide honest opinions. Last year I was deluged with meat perks from McDonald's. They claimed they knew about me but I was certain they didn't know squat, my Twitter mini-bio has clearly said I don't eat meat, for years. I let Klout know their algorithms were off. I don't know if that mattered, but then I got perked with a Fair Trade USA package at holiday time.


Don't think for a minute that I'm just slinging you a commercial or that it's way off topic. This box made me THINK. That's right.

Visit here often? Then you know I'm an advocate for everyone who wants to work to have that chance, and at a living wage. The global dynamics of cheap labor, miniscule profit margins at big box volume, child labor, the plight of the working poor, and corporate welfare sometimes keep me up at night. I'm sure it keeps those in the middle of it up most every night.

So, when I was notified I was going to have a chance to sample some Fair Trade products I wasn't familiar with, and support Fair Trade USA in their quest to elevate conscious consumerism to, "channel more of the opportunities and benefits of globalization to the underprivileged farming and working families who today are being left behind" - I was all in.

I had no idea what I would receive, but I was excited. And more excited when I opened the #GiveFair package that arrived.


Buy Fair. Be Fair.

I don't know if it's the influence of all the international working/living and traveling I have done or what, but I care about the whole world, not just the little 1/8 acre I reside on. I want poverty alleviated, safe workplaces, a healthy planet, abundant access to clean water and safe food, children in school getting a good education not in some designer's textile factory, and women as equally empowered as men - worldwide, across the globe in every city and village. According to U.N. poverty statistics, over two billion people still live on less than two dollars a day. Yeah, community development even in the poorest of places - that's what what would make this world right. Are you with me on this?

I'm sure don't know many wonderful things still to be achieved in my lifetime, but I'm not naive to think it will be world peace. However, I am hopeful for some continued measure of improvement in the quality of life for those in poverty. Buy Fair. Be Fair. We can all help to make it happen more often.

Let me just say, a crazy amount of global goodness was in the #GiveFair package. These products are good for US jobs too, many of the foreign sourced ingredients are manufactured into products made here at home in the USA. Everyone wins...

I want to thank:

@barechocolate for the yummy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - I cut the corner off the pouch and sucked the nirvana right down.

@calebskola straight out of the box room temperature it's refreshing as the kola comes at you. And the cute bottle is going to make a sweet one stem vase.

@lcchocolates the Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate and I going to have some dates by the fireplace =)

@nourishusda your Shea Butter is going to be shaking hands with me all winter!

@wearpact this sweatshop-free soft denim hoodie is going places like a second skin.

@weaverscoffee I'm allowing this delicious Holiday Blend to help me get in the holiday mood. I need help with this and and you're doing a good job!

@wrldsfinestchoc Santa's feet went immediately missing when I opened the box. I also need to catch up with you about some fundraising!!

All this goodness in an economically sustaining way.. I'm making a commitment to do more, to vote with my money when I shop - and do more fair trade shopping. Will you join me?

Did you receive a #GiveFair package, and if so what are your thoughts?


Disclosure: I was given several free products because I'm a Klout Influencer. I'm under no obligation to receive the products or talk about the companies. I receive no additional benefits for talking about the products or companies.


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