So I received this message today in my LinkedIn account:

Hello. I am a fellow open networker and I was wondering if we could connect. I would really appreciate if you could send me an invitation since I am running out. By connecting with me you will gain almost a million 2nd and 3rd degree connections. I also promise you that I won't send you any spam.

I love LinkedIn - I'm all about helping others too and as a fellow open networker here is the reply I sent. I figured why just let that person see it when it could help others?

I appreciate your interest in becoming one of my LinkedIn contacts, and yes, I am a fellow open networker. Please indulge me by allowing me to share an immensely more etiquette proficient and effective way of engaging potential contacts.

Promising more contacts is not a hook... especially for someone who already has a lot of them. Especially another recruiter. A good recruiter knows how to reach most anyone.

I would be happy to accept you as a contact but not on my own invitation.. You're asking me to work, to send you an invite - I don't know you or have reason to. Open networker means I accept invitations not acept invitations to send invitations..

If you would like to be my contact find out how to make that happen through one of the 5 groups we are both members of or wait till next month when you'll have more invitations to send.

Please don't take this the wrong way.. Consider it networking skill building free advice.



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