It's a judgement call when you see a snowball rolling down a mountain. Do you run like hell to get out of the way or try to stop it? I chose with eyes wide open not to run and in the end much to my dismay, it bought only time.I am sorry to have to write the last chapter in the story of one of the most satisfying professional experiences I have ever had, close the book and shelf it. Economic struggles and a board decision to narrow organizational focus has left me in the valley knocked to the ground wet with cold snow in the middle of the hot August heat.

After an unexpected 48 hourbarrage of condolence and encouragement email from business partners and community leaders, I have settled into tactical and strategic exit strategy to stop projects and cut apron strings in a dignified manner. Here are some of the lessons I have learned just 3 days into the process.

People I least expected have been paying attention to my work.

People I would have expected to be paying attention haven't necessarily.

My thoughts on how human capital is mismanaged in manyorganizations now aligns perfectly with my own personal experience.

All of a sudden some people try to avoid me, others that can't lose eye contact andsome pretend nothing has happened at all.

Organizations that have made use of my skills and abilities while I was on a salary and able to help as part of my job still want me to help them for free during my newly found 'free time'.

More people than I ever imagined are psychic and know I'll 'be fine'.

I have a sudden urge to write a letter to Hilda Solis on my observations on workforce development, how DOL funds are under utilized, how ineffectual the 'system' is and how great itcouldbe ifbureaucracy would only get out of the way.

My own unemployment was not anticipated in today's release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics because they are not psychic, and in fact not real time in any sense of the word.

What is not news to me is that I am not alone. Pennsylvania continues to reportstatistically significant over-the-month unemployment rate increases, indeed it is not a very businessfriendly state. The Commonwealth ranks among the 10 worst states for business in the United States, according to the2010 ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index.

Have you been downsized and if so, what did you learn?

P.S. I made a few minor edits since first published because I was gently coached there was an angry tone to the post. It wasn't meant to be..


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