In anticipation of new BLS numbers coming out, on Nov. 20 I wrote about The Jobs War and based on statistical information, predicted a slow recovery. In all actuality, a 12 month plateau, by which Corporate America will continue to get fat off of the heightened austere, puritan, six sigma lean principles they honed during the recession and continue to hang on to while the unemployed continue to slowly bleed.

I could cite economists and show more charts and graphs but it isn't really necessary to get my point across..

Recently expired, the extension of Unemployment Compensation is being held hostage as a bargaining chip by Republicans who want the Bush era tax cuts upheld for bonkers wealthy people, those who earn over $1m. I don't write about politics and I'm skirting the topic here... All I will say is that brothers and sisters in capitalism, you can't take it with you and the one that dies with the most doesn't come out a winner.

We are not all in this together and anyone who thinks we are might gain additional perspective interviewing someone out of work for so long their credit score is in the single digits and they no longer meet pre-employment background check qualifications, and then following them to the food bank for groceries. Those are the people I'm worried about. This is an action that doesn't bring us anymore together than oil and water - it is divisive and simply serves to shove a larger wedge between the haves and the have nots.

This morning, Charles Schumer (D-NY) took to the Senate floor and attacked Republicans for attempting to extend tax cuts for the wealthy while refusing to extend unemployment benefits for those who are out of work. The Senator asked his Republican colleagues...

Could you please explain to me why we can extend tax cuts to those making over a million without paying for it, while extending unemployment benefits must be paid for?

I'm all for innovation and success paying off and love reading rags to riches, self-made bazillionaire stories. But how can people stand to have all that money when others are in such dire straights?

I'm so inflamed by this it motivated me to send $100 to Feeding America. I hope you'll send something too, whatever you can afford. No one should have to go without food in the United States of America.


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