Sometimes I feel like the National Enquirer has captured the essence of humanity and people thrive on sensationalism because it's exciting and sexy.

My personality type doesn't appreciate the drama so many others seem to live for. So, when I hear melodramatic statements like HR is Dead and Job Boards Are Dead they affect me as much as Jesus in Pizza Sauce in NEPA.

However, while watching the video - kind of using it as a vehicle for meditation, a job board acronym was revealed to me.

Job Opportunity Bottle-necked Beyond Our Ability to Reach it Directly

They're not dead per se... maybe a little like stale pizza crust though, and most job boards are filled with scam bam thank you ma'am junk. You don't know who is behind the postings and you don't know if they are even real.

What is a job seeker to do? Well... network with company representatives/vendors via LinkedIn and niche ning sites, follow my list of Twitter HR/Recruiters, let all your friends and contacts know you are searching (and attach a resume to that email), go to networking events, painfully take the time to visit company website employment pages.. those are all things to do.

Or, you could check out LINKUP.

All of our jobs come directly from company websites. Almost any company, big or small, that has a career section on their website can be found on LinkUp. Currently, we have over 20,625 companies in our database that we monitor every night. Companies range in size from the largest to the smallest, and from all locations across the United States.

LINKUP goes quietly in the night like Santa's little elves out into cyberspace visiting company website job boards and gifts the aggregated results to the United States of America.

Company job boards are still fresh..... If you are a Corporate Recruiter be sure to see if your company's postings are on LINKUP.

P.S. If you are a non-profit check out the March 2010 promotion for all services FREE.

Note: My personality type is INTP in case you weren't going to be able to sleep tonight without knowing.


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