Last month I attended the biannual NEPA Blog Fest at Rooney's in Pittston, PA, and apart from Gene Stilp's ginormous wheelchair and pink pig, the most interesting experience there was my conversation with artist Bri Wells. Bri walked right up to me, thrust out a friendly hand to shake and told me an intriguing elevator pitch about herself and her nonprofit project Love One Asunder.

Love One Asunder is based on the idea that true art exists for the passing of joy from one human to another. Without that precept, art is merely a form. But when its true purpose is found, that's when we begin to understand how it can change the shape of its context into a platform for others to pass on kindness. For that reason, Love One Asunder is a charity and will continue to be so as it expands.

Neat idea I thought. Bri is very passionate and believes art can truly change lives. I have no reason to disagree and asked if she would like to help me with my quest to change 21 lives through TRACE. She immediately agreed and asked what I had in mind. I talked about the vast amounts of motivation and hard work needed by students in this 2 year program to make positive change and achieve successful entry into the workforce.

Bri said she would think about it and be in touch...

I received this drawing today from Bri and I think it very accurately conveys the hard work and perseverance required to forge a new path - especially regarding a career. Whether it's a first time attempt to identify and integrate successfully into a meaningful niche or headlining on the reinvention tour, for most it takes a couple of hits to create the right path. ~Thanks Bri!



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