Asreported by Daily Mail Online,Rebecca Gallanagh of the UKbedazzled her court ordered ankle monitor. She said she did it to make her feel better and that she was quite proud of it. It was holiday time and she wanted to bling it up to be festive.

However, the monitor's manufacturer didn't find it amusing and took her back to court where she was fined and provided a new strap withinstructionsto not alter it for fear it could tamper with the effectiveness of the device.

Rebecca claims she was never told she could not decorate the device strap and told the Daily Mail:

The lady who fitted the item said she saw a girl from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding who had blinged her tag, and she said I could do that.

This seems like the perfect opportunity for innovation in the prison industries system. The manufacturer could outsource the straps to be decorated by prisoners who could learn to bedazzle, paint tribal art and other decorative techniques on them. The upgraded straps could then be sold to those on court ordered home confinement as an option. Apparently there is an untapped market for this type of product. Perhaps there would be some serious collectorsrepeat offenders out there interested all the models.

It would provide a skill to prisoners and meet a niche consumer demand.If they aren't interested in the UK I'm sure The Department Of Justice UNICOR clothing and textiles division could make a go of it.

They could even name a Swarovski Crystal model the "Rebecca".

Maybe I think too much........ On second thought maybe we shouldn't make court ordered home confinement so sexy.


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