You Talking to MeSocial media strategists, managers, and the brands they represent, LOVE mentions and conversations with consumers, brand advocates, and fans.

They truly do, don't get me wrong.. but let's talk about your "technique" with some examples.

Hey @NEPABlogCon, I love the new #YouTube vid you posted today!" Surely, @NEPABlogCon will want to reply with a smiley and high fives - good job!

But, if you post, Hey @NEPAblogCon, I love the new @YouTube vid you posted today! it would have been better practice to use #YouTube - so YouTube knows you watch videos there but aren't really talking to them.

Yeah, I know there isn't any authoritative body of work or social media police to write a ticket to offenders - and, of course, that would be silly. I too take joy in freedom of expression and the liberty to post characters at the whim of one's fancy. But, there are some optimal choices that we can make when using the tools at our fingertips, voice commands and blinks. So, when you want to talk with someone, or get their attention use the @ before their account name to tag them:

Hey @NEPABlogCon we want to sponsor!

This is like sending an email to someone, they get a notification you are talking to them. This is the right method if you want to have a conversation with, or notify them of something - and trust me, NEPA BlogCon will hop on that like a fly on a horse's hindquarters.

I do most of my online shopping on @Amazon.

That is truthfully such a cool comment, no doubt... but when you do that, wait a minute, you don't really need to call the troops in. If you want to add to the online conversations about the brand you could use #Amazon.

The marketing lords at Amazon are monitoring conversations about them by searching for #Amazon. Stop for a sec and check it out by clicking here.

On the other hand, if you need to talk with some at Amazon, their customer service team is outstanding and would be happy to hear from you - as in, Hey there @Amazon, what's the best way to find red sneakers in size 7W?

Again, if you want to talk about an identity, mention them with a hashtag:

#NEPABlogCon will be Oct 15 at PSU Worthington Scranton call for speakers open thru May 31

That gets a big thank you very much if you repost it by the way, it's perfect, doesn't need any icing or fairy dust - and don't substitute the # with @ because that generates a notification to the person(s) that manage the account that someone is trying to talk with them rather than just spread the glory of this most incredible annual event, celebrating its 5th year.

I'm talking about this because  I notice on many of the business / brand accounts I manage the doorbell is ringing all the time - but when I answer I often realize it was a false alarm. I know, horrible problem to have - NOT! It's just that there is a better way.

No need to keep beeping brand pagers like 911 when you just want to shoot the breeze with your bud.

That's it for today!



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