This morning while I savored the aroma, heat and flavor of my first latte of the day, snuggled cozily in bed with the pillows propped up against the wall, Nena at my feet, Chanel at my side and Batman on a mission to catch an imaginary bird flying around the house, I checked Facebook and Twitter.

I bit my lip because it seemed everywhere I looked people were happy it was Friday, happy the week had passed. They didn't even want to experience the day - they wanted to jump right to the end of it. My fingers began to work their trickery in the status field...

Does anyone "savor the moment" these days? I see a bazillion posts about tomorrow, tonight, next week, looking forward to Fridays.... what about the moment we are in? This moment too is marvelous and to be savored. You'll never get it back so unless it is unwrenchingly intolerable, wishing it away and trying to pull the future forward is wishing your life away... living it is much more rewarding.

It seems life passes so many people by. How often I hear, where did the time go, it was just yesterday (last week, last year)? Is it a sign of the times that people are living rote lives?

Have you ever sat quietly watching a clock? Why is it so difficult for most people to relax watching it tick, enjoying the rhythm of the timing? Time passes much more slowly when you watch it. It seems to make many people feel uncomfortable to sit idly "not doing anything". My grandmother used to say "a watched pot never boils" and I used to challenge it. I learned to notice every second with every tick of the second hand and realize I would never see those moments again.

Each moment should be felt and celebrated, when it passes it's gone forever. So OK, maybe all moments aren't the ones you jump for joy over, some hurt. But, they are the ones you learn from, the ones that make you feel to the core of your being that you are alive and that you are significant and insignificant all at the same time.

Do you ever just sit and look at your fingers, watch them move, be conscious of them and then mentally move to your wrists, arms, shoulders, up the back of your neck, to the top of your head, to your forehead.. down to the bottoms of your feet? Are you conscious of your heartbeat?

I admit that each night as I reflect on the day and look forward to the next as I drift off to sleep, I am a little bit saddened that I now have one less day left in my life. They're all so grand I wish none would ever end.

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent. ~Ambrose Bierce


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