DSC_0135I have decided I am giving a last hurrah to "un". It's not a positive prefix. While everyone is championing the desconstruction of conferences I'm embargoing the concept. I don't expect it to be popular but I never was a cheerleader or prom queen so I'm OK with it.

My last unendeavor is an unblog post, a random stream if consciousness, no structure.

There are no social media experts, there are marketers, PR, HR, Recruiters, people who use social media applications to do what they have always done. This is just another tool. I went to the local community college today and spoke with 8 single mothers trying to make a life for themselves by juggling parenting, school and work. They were scared. They meet weekly to discuss life skills, I'm glad because they need it.

A local museum is closing due to State budget cuts, that's not good for children who take field trips there to learn history and culture. Dancing with the Stars is reinventing Kelly Osbourne, she is maturing before my eyes. There must be a better alternative to the cat litter currently available. When I lived in Mexico there was no cat litter, I used to go the lumber mill and get bags of wood shavings. Sarah Palin just doesn't go away.

Recently I purchased a Nikon SLR starter camera, a D3000 and I think I have a future in food photography. I took a photo of a tray of canoli today that I couldn't stop staring at. I don't sleep much during the week because I have a lot I want to accomplish but I make it up on the weekends. When someone asks me what keeps me up at night I can't come up with anything. Nothing is worth losing sleep over.

Homes in Europe and other places last hundreds of years because they are built of brick and stone. Why are we like gerbils spinning wheels building houses of wood that get ripped apart in hurricane zones, rot and get eaten by termites. Aren't we smarter than that? Why do I get mail order catalogs with website URLs in big letters on the front cover?

Having to renew dog licenses every year is ridiculous. Why are human births and deaths registered but not those of other domesticated animals unless they are pedigree? I'm trying to figure out what law of physics governs individual strands of fur to find one another and clump together to create fur balls, same with dust bunnies. Some enterprising person should go around neighborhoods and offer maintenance contracts just like condo communities have. I would pay it. Kind of a one stop shop for yard work, handyman stuff, snow removal, housekeeping, security, etc.

I want a necklace with a pendant that is a hard drive and mobile phone that I can activate by the sensor reading my thumb print and it projecting a touch screen monitor and keyboard on the surface of my choosing. I want seamless applications. I don't want to have to sync my smart phone with my computer and I don't want to have to carry them around either. I like to travel light. It needs to be scanable to pay for purchases and be stylish. It should be customizable like a locket with interchangeable covers to match your mood or your clothing. Actually, I'm disappointed. We have put people on the moon and we don't have this yet? I'm sensing our priorities are mixed up.

Shouldn't world hunger have been solved by now? I'm not a speciesist and I view eating animals the same as cannibalism. If I had no food choices I might eat another animal to survive but I would only do it for survival. I can't wrap my mind around murdering, cooking, eating and saying yum.. I think maybe it's why nothing keeps me up at night.

I can be as abstract as the next person but I want some structure back in my conferences. Not lectures precisely, more workshop style. I feel like I'm unconferencing all the time, it's one of the things social media is good for. If I want to have a discussion with like minded people I start a thread somewhere and now a wave, and ask people to join in. I don't need to fly or drive somewhere to do that. To me that's just good old networking so lets call a spade a spade..

That was cathartic. Now it's time for some sleep.


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