Employees are gold
Managers need more patience
Onboarding is key

Performance reviews
Dog paddling for a raise
Muddy water surrounds you

Lack of resources
More expectations on you
Time for an intern

Apathy abounds
Employee recognition
Reward works most times

Open enrollment
A wrench in your work flow
Benefits are good

Bullying is bad
Disciplinary action
Repent and be saved

Conservative dress
I can do my job in jeans
Let me work from home

Compensation plan
Everyone wants to earn more
Why are you worth it

Company picnic
No risky behavior please
Leave alcohol home

Motivation rocks
She wants gift certificates
He wants free parking

No Twitter at work
It says so in the handbook
She ducks in bathroom

Facebook is evil
You could post secret info
We could go bankrupt

Long day of hard work
Cocktails and appetizers
You need a massage


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