Who doesn't love Huffington Post online? It's got such a share-a-rama going on it's an extension of social media. I got an email that there was a post on employment, 'Entitled' to What, Being Unemployed? In it, Emily Bennington lays the cards on the table, 19% unemployment for Gen Y, highest ever recorded. She says it's a good time to get entrepreneurial.

So students -- start hustling. Photography, dance lessons, web design, editing, baking, baby sitting... whatever. Find something (legal) that will allow you to build a business and see where it goes. At best, you'll earn enough to stay afloat for the long haul. At worst, your initiative will help you land a 'traditional' job post-graduation.

And that's kind of it, I was left sitting on the edge of my seat. Here's my collaboration to provide some ideas on how to accomplish the excellent observation that there has never been a better time or reason to create your own opportunity.

Locate a start up group in their area, or online. Going it alone is not easy and even less so when you have no prior experience in... well, much to do about business at all.

Contact SCORE and the Small Business Development Center in your area too for free professional assistance with a start up.

Your area may have a local business plan competition where your idea could qualify for seed funding.

If nothing else, wrangle a talented group of people, find a location with WIFI, start a co-working space and grow it into a freelance agency.

Create a board of personal advisors - people you trust with talents different from your own. Ask them to be true to you, on your side, your cheerleaders and mentors. Get someone from accounting, marketing, etc., sit them all down with a couple bottles/boxes of wine (depends what you can afford natch) and ask them to meet with you as a panel so you can present your ideas to have holes punched in it, brainstorm and glean their ideas and experience. Have a next steps party the following month - this will have given you time to marinate the session, formulate revisions or concrete ideas..

Approach your local Chamber of Commerce, economic development agency or commercial property manager with tons of empty space with your idea..

Just do it =)


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